Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mac Haul

Mac Haul - Mac Twig, Mac Hug Me, Mac Mocha, Mac Mehr, Mac Teddy, Mac Spice, Mac Strobe Cream
Mac Haul - Mac Twig, Mac Hug Me, Mac Mocha, Mac Mehr, Mac Teddy, Mac Spice, Mac Strobe Cream
Mac Haul - Mac Twig, Mac Hug Me, Mac Mocha, Mac Mehr, Mac Teddy, Mac Spice, Mac Strobe Cream
Mac Hug Me, Mocha, Twig, Mehr, Mac Spice Lip Pencil and Mac Teddy Eyeliner
Who doesn't love Mac? Although going into a Mac shop can be somewhat overwhelming with their vast shade range in anything you could ever want, I still find myself coming away with a bag full of goodies! Their lipsticks have got to be my favourites and I'm fast gaining a huge collection, with these new additions my collection currently stands at 13! Mac hauls are always my favourite kind of post to read so I thought I'd share with you what I'd picked up recently! 

First things first let's start with the four lipsticks I've picked up recently. The first of the bunch is Mac Hug Me, which is a lustre finish meaning it gives a sheen to the lip, so is a great everyday lipstick. It's described by Mac as a 'flesh pink' but there's definitely a hint of brown in there. 

Next is Mac Mocha which has a satin formula, so it's just a tad more sheeny than the matte lipsticks. It's described by Mac as a 'peachy yellow- brown' but it's definitely quite a dark shade. 

Mac Twig is another satin formula from Mac. It's described as a 'soft muted brownish pink' which perfectly describes it. It's definitely another one of these 90's lipstick shades and at the moment is my favourite of the four! I especially like wearing this with Mac Spice Lip Pencil applied underneath and smudged out. 

The last lipstick, Mac Mehr, was definitely enabled by Lily Pebbles, it's save to say her and Vivianna Does Make Up leave me lusting after a fair few items! Okay, okay, so Mac Mehr is so so similar to twig but is a matte formula instead so I personally think Mac Twig is slightly more wearable. Mac Mehr is described as a 'dirty blue pink' and is such a pretty shade. It looks perfect with Mac Soar Lip Pencil underneath it. 

To add to my ever growing lip liner collection I picked up Mac Spice. This is said to be one used by Kylie Jenner so I just had to get my hands on it and I'm so glad I finally did! It looks great just smudged around the outline of my lips, all over the lips and under a lipstick. It's described as a 'pink cinnamon stick' and is the perfect lip liner shade! 

I've been getting quite into the whole strobing trend at the moment as I think it's been a lovely change to a harsh contour in the warmer Summer months. I've been using Mac Soft and Gentle and Topshop's Glow in Polished to achieve the strobing look but thought I'd pick up Mac's Strobe Cream. I haven't given this much of a go yet but is such a versatile product. It can be mixed in with moisturizer or foundation, applied under foundation, or applied over make up on the high points of your cheeks just like a typical highlighter. I am definitely excited to give Mac Strobe Cream a go! 

Last up is a repurchase and I don't know how I went without it for a while. Mac Teddy Eye Pencil is the perfect brown eyeliner shade with a hint of red undertone. The formula is great as it's quite creamy and long-lasting. I hate wearing black eye liner on an everyday basis so Mac Teddy is a great option! 

I think it's clear to see from this post that I'm loving the 90's lipstick shades!  Will give you more of an in-depth interview once I use these a bit more! What are you're Mac favourites? Do you have anything on your Mac wishlist? Next for me is Mac Whirl lipstick! 
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