Friday, 30 January 2015

Pins of the Week #3

Can't believe it's my third edition of 'Pins of the Week' already! I hope you enjoying them as I'm really enjoying scrolling through Pinterest to find my favourite pins of the week. If any of you guys have posts similar to this please leave your links as I love Pinterest inspo and I'm always looking for new people or boards to follow! 
pins of the week - pinterest
1. Yet again another make up look that I'm loving this week and surprise surprise it's featuring another take on the nude lip! I love how simple and flawless this make up look is and I especially love the super long eyelashes (can't quite work out whether their fake or just a ton of mascara is involved!) 

2. Now that I have short hair I'm finding that each day all I do is straighten it and leave it like that. So i've definitely been looking for some short hair inspo and so I'm loving this look! I tried it out yesterday and I'm a big fan as it's just super easy to, especially before work when I'm feeling super tired!

3. Yet again another flat lay, sorry I must really be boring you with them now! This is quite a simple one which I think would be super easy for me to achieve myself so you can expect to see something similar to this on the blog in the coming weeks! 

4. I love this simple outfit combination. I'm really wanting to buy some trainers at the moment which would go with quite a simple smart outfit and I think these trainers would be great for this! 

So that's my favourite pins of this week! What pins have you been loving this week? Follow me on Pinterest, I love finding new people to follow!  
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