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Beauty: The Perfect Kylie Jenner Nude Lip

I think it's safe to say that Kylie Jenner has made everyone long to find that perfect nude lip that she rocks so well. My love for nude lips started long before the Kylie Jenner days but her enviable instagram snaps has made my quest for the perfect nude lip combination even stronger. Although everyone and their dog seems to be doing a similar post I thought I'd voice my opinions on the nude lip obsession.

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1. Mac Velvet Teddy - £15.50
This is my favourite pick of the bunch and I thought I'd start with this one as its believed to be the one Kylie Jenner wears. As a result of this it appears to be unavailable in all Mac stores (sorry for those of you who want this, but on the Mac website you can enter your email for them to notify you when it's back in stock). This colour is a deep tone beige and is one of Mac's matte formulas.
Although this is matte it is not drying, however one thing I would say about this lipstick is that it is not very long lasting and I find I do need to reapply it a fair bit throughout the day. This is one of my everyday lipsticks as it's a really subtle shade however it also looks great for an evening out. I was lucky enough to buy this before the craze for Velvet Teddy and I'm now dreading the day this runs out as I don't know what I'd do without this lipstick in my collection.

2. Mac Real Sexy - £15.50
I love this nude shade however I do wear it less than Mac Velvet Teddy. It's described as a 'neutral pinky rose' but for me I feel as if it has undertones of peach. It's another matte formula but this one in particular I find really creamy and long lasting. It's a really nice nude shade for those who are not looking for just a brown-toned nude.

3. Topshop Secertary - £8
Next up is a cheaper version of the perfect nude lip. I would describe this as a light peachy toned beige. It's very similar to Mac Velvet Teddy but the only difference is that it's slightly lighter in colour but for those of you desperate to try Mac Velvet Teddy I would recommend this as a good alternative. I also slightly prefer the formula of this lipstick as it's very creamy and so is very nourishing on the lips. I only purchased this lipstick a few days ago but it's fast becoming one of my most used lipsticks.

(l to r) Real Sexy, Velvet Teddy, Secretary, Tiramisu and Mauve Moment

Lip Liners
Due to the fact that I cannot get my hands on any of the Mac lip liners which are said to be what Kylie Jenner wears (soar and spice), I have been on the hunt for drugstore alternatives. So heres a rundown of the ones i've found so far.

1. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob - £3.99
I've just run out of this lip colour so I'm afraid I can't swatch it but it seems to be so similar to the shade used by Kylie Jenner. I would describe it as a muted pink nude but does seem to have a hint of mauve. It's perfect for both lining the lips and for filling in the whole lip and wearing a lipstick on top of it. The formula is also amazing it's not your typical pencil lip liner and is much creamier which makes it easier to apply. It's also a wind up lip liner and so you don't have to bother with the hassle of sharpening it, added bonus!! However, I'm also now struggling to find this in stores too!

2. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 050 Tiramisu - £2.99
This lip liner, in my opinion, is the perfect match for Topshop's Secretary lipstick. I would describe this as a muted brown nude. I like to wear this all over my lip with secretary on top as it darkens the colour of the lipstick making it more similar to Velvet Teddy. I'm not a great fan of the formula of this as it's your typical pencil lip liner and so is not as creamy as the above and I do find it dries my lips out quite a bit.

3. Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Mauve Moment - £4.99
As the name suggests this colour is a perfect mauve shade which therefore makes it sound more similar to the Mac's Soar, which is claimed to be Kylie's lip liner of choice. However, this lip liner is a pure mauve colour whereas Soar is described as a 'mid-tone pinkish brown,' so for me this lip liner lacks the brown hues needed for that perfect nude lip. This is a nice shade to wear all over the lip however I do find it too purple for that perfect nude lip that I am searching for.

So that's my run down of my favourite nude lip combos. So far my favourite nude combo has to be Mac's Velvet Teddy paired with Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob. What are your favourite products to achieve that perfect nude lip?
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